Reference Standards

OEA Labs' Organic Analytical Reference Standards are selected for long term stability and are not subject to ambient influences. They are intended for daily routine use as certified working standards which are referenced back to traceable internationally recognised standards.

Although these standards do not require preliminary drying, it is good practice to store them between 20oC to 25oC, tightly sealed away from light and moisture unless otherwise stated.

Our standards are manufactured and purified to allow certification values close to theoretical. After a comprehensive standardisation procedure in our laboratories they are released with a certificate of analysis. The uncertainty of the certified value is expressed as expanded uncertainty, U, at 95% confidence and is calculated in accordance with ISO/IEC17025 according to GUM (Guidelines to Uncertainty in Measurement). Confidence limits include those due to sampling variation, weighing, calibration and measurement errors.

If you need a material (chemical or ’natural’) which is not listed, please contact us. We can certify these for your particular application for use as QC or calibration references.

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