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Tin & Silver Capsules, Discs, Absorbing Pads & Sample Prep Accessories

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OEA Labs sample capsules and discs are manufactured and inspected to a high specification. We then package our capsules in aluminium tins to eliminate any organic contamination and annoying static electricity that can occur with some plastic packaging.

Standard clean capsules are totally suitable for routine use without the need for further cleaning but for demanding applications our ultra clean capsules are recommended. For convenience both standard clean and ultra clean capsules are available in plastic trays of 96 capsules.

Tin and silver discs and squares are useful when analysing glass fibre filters commonly used in pollution and oceanographic studies. They also simplify the weighing of sticky or fibrous materials.

Liquid absorbing pads are used to weigh non-volatile liquid samples using pressed tin or silver capsules. Type N is suitable for CHN and type O for CHN, Sulphur and Oxygen (elemental) analysis. Simply insert into the bottom of the capsule and dispense the appropriate volume of sample onto the pad using a micro-syringe or micro-pipette. Two or more pads can be used for larger samples. Liquid absorbing pads are pre-treated for low blank values.

We also have micro-spatulas and forceps ideally suited to EA and SIA work and our range of micro-pipette simplifies weighing of liquid samples.

Our digitally controlled TOC Block for the determination of Total Organic Carbon is designed for silver 8x5mm capsules and is available to process 30 or 60 samples at a time.

The ArgoFile Maxima Micro-Drill is a superb piece of equipment for archaeological sample preparation. A selection of collets and reducers allows the use with a range of cutting wheels and burrs.

Note: Silver capsules may become slightly tarnished when in contact with air for long periods. Heating to 375’C in air will generally remove any oxidation. Long term storage under an inert gas is recommended for critical applications.

Note: Ultrasonic cleaning of tin or silver capsules is not recommended as the thin foils we use in their manufacture can become brittle and disintegrate during the cleaning process.


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