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Relatively small samples weights are required for analysis. The sample weights used will vary according to the application, the sample type, detection limits and precision that needs to be achieved.

For analysis at percentage levels sample sizes of 5 to 10 milligrams per analysis are adequate. For trace levels below 0.05% sample weights must be increased to 50 to 100 milligrams.

Where possible please submit more sample than required. This greatly assists our technicians to recover and transfer material into small capsules and allows us to run random QC check samples.

Sample preparation might be required to obtain the best representation at the recommended weight levels. Unless otherwise requested samples are analysed ’as received’.

Samples must be free from residual solvents or moisture to provide reliable results. Depending upon the sample type, samples should dehydrated by freeze drying or vacuum oven drying to constant weight. Samples should be finely ground using a mortar & pestle or a ball mill to ensure that the sample is representative at the target sample weight.

We are able to prepare or pre-treat your samples at additional cost. We are able to accurately determine loss of weight on drying (on a micro scale) where required. Please contact us to discuss any aspects of sample preparation that you may require.


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Elemental Analysis (EA) for % F, Cl, Br, I and P

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